While formal Bible education is not possible for everybody and does not fit those in every culture or aspect of life, there are many reasons a Bible education and going to a Seminary are important.

First, a formal Bible education allows an increased focus on Scripture and its applications for ministry.

Second, formal Bible education allows a student to gain from the learning and experiences of more mature Christian leaders. Professors often provide a wealth of wisdom and ministry experience that are invaluable to younger, growing leaders.

While formal Bible education is not always possible, growing in biblical wisdom should be a high priority for every Christian/church leader and encouraged whenever possible for those who seek to lead in Christian ministry.

That is our purpose here at Texas Theological University & Seminary. We have no dormitories and we have very little overhead. Because of that we can offer the student a low cost education without bankrupting the bank.

As we grow we are adding new classes every month and desire to help the Christian to go deeper and grow in God’s grace for ministries sake.

At TTUS we know and understand that College is not for everyone but if you’re looking to extend your knowledge of the Bible without leaving your church then we can help.

Shannon Eaton

Dean of Student