Metropolitan Baptist Church has had a unique and long-lasting history of training men for the ministry. Metropolitan Baptist College and Seminary began as Crusader College and Texas Theological University in 1952. It was chartered with the State of Texas in 1956.  These two institutions, acting as a seminary, granted many degrees and trained countless men and women for various portions of God’s ministry to the lost.  Later named Timothy Endeavor, our congregation reinstituted the specific training of doctrine and ministry to the laborers of Metropolitan and those who would come and learn with us.  In the spring of 2005 the first class began under this new name.  It was only one class and had a handful of students.  The students were challenged and their personal growth came as a result.  Later, in 2006, it became evident that more classes could be offered by multiple instructors.  Also, intense short-term classes were developed and became very effective.  Because of the flexible schedule of Timothy Endeavor, students were able to give their time to study as well maintain a full-time work schedule.  In 2007, every other Saturday courses were presented and became efficient and effective.  Now we have full classes and our enrolment numbers increase every semester.

This ministry emerged out of a heart for more laborers. Now we have our own trained laborers as professors.  More Independent Baptist doctrine is being implanted in our local Churches as a result. Men and women of God needed to become more focused in their study and knowledge of the Scriptures. Now they are giving back by training others in our courses.  Much time had to be given to accomplish such.  We have been, and continue to be, committed to “training others also.”  Now as Texas Theological University and Seminary we invest our lives into the lives of others here inTexasand around the World.  We do our best to offer a lifestyle of commitment to Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord.  Multiple professors have taught at Texas Theological University and Seminary, which come from various fields of service all overAmericaand the world.  This has made it possible for students of Texas Theological University and Seminary to be influenced by a range of experience and application.

We have multiple classes offered, towards varying degrees described in our catalog.  These degree plans that are being offered are giving men and women a chance to center in on their particular service to our Lord.  Each student can narrow their focus and learn the necessary elements of their desired area of ministry.

Texas Theological University and Seminary is committed to local training that will develop global impact.  With an unlimited total of credit hours available, we look forward to how the Lord is going to use the study of His Word.  We consider the changing of the lives of our students to be more like Christ the greatest impact we can make on our globe.  We look forward to the future of this ministry.  As we serve Christ together, let us remember the ones who have not heard the Gospel even once, and those awaiting someone to come and train them.

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