Financial Information


Tuition is $35 per credit hour.


The cost of books and supplies varies depending on the course of study, number of hours, etc.  This cost is additional to other expenses.  All books are to be purchased before each semester begins.


There is no registration fee required.  A Code of Honor form must be signed.  A Pastor’s recommendation is required from each first-time student (or those returning after a leave) prior to admission.  Texas Theological University’s Pastoral Administration will consider, on an individual basis, applications for enrollment from students with irregular educational backgrounds.  The Pastoral Administration, consisting of Chancellor, President, Dean of Academics, Dean of Missions, and the Dean of Students will make these considerations. Applications can be downloaded from this site.

Please Note:

No semester can be started with a previous balance owed unless special arrangements are made by the Registrar’s Office. In addition, no degree will be granted when there is a balance on the student’s account.


There is a $100.00 fee for Graduation.