Texas Theological University & Seminary is chartered by the State of Texas as a Theological Seminary. In the Supreme Court of Texas Decision NO.03-0995 (Tyndale Theological Seminary – Petitioners, v. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board – Respondents), the court ruled in favor of Tyndale Theological University and reversed an appeals court decision against Tyndale Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas. This allows a Church or fellowship of Churches to grant degrees in fields of study pertaining to the Bible and Bible education. Texas Theological University was granted a Charter from the State of Texas for the seminary in Fort Worth, Texas on January 25, 1956.

Please note that Texas Theological University is not an accredited college nor is it seeking accreditation by any state or national agencies. TTU has been granted state approval to offer degrees in Bible related areas of study.



Chancellor                                           James Turner, ThD

President                                            Wayne Hudson, ThD

Dean of Academics                          Wayne Hudson, ThD

Dean of Missions                                   Bruce Martin, DD

Dean of Students                              Shannon Eaton, ThM