The Undergraduate Degree Programs

Texas Theological University offers several options for undergraduate work.  This is to provide practical options of study for undergraduates according to their needs.

The Associate Degree is offered in Ministry, Missions, Theology, and Christian Education.  This is usually considered a two-year program for a full-time student and consists of 60 semester hours.

The Bachelor Degree is offered in Ministry, Theology, Christian Education, and Missions.  This is usually considered a four-year program for a full-time student and consists of 129 semester hours.

Although the majority of the educational programs at a Baptist Seminary are primarily directed toward Christian men, especially in the fields of Theology and Pastor Ministries, Texas Theological University offers two majors for Christian ladies. These major fields of study are Christian Education and Missions. There can be special provision for the Theology and Ministry degrees by contacting the Academic Dean. The field of Christian Education continues to grow as more parents are demanding Christian values to be taught once again to their children.  The Mission major is valuable preparation for serving and teaching on the mission field.

It should be noted that the department of Christian Education at Texas Theological University, or any other course of study or major offered, is not to be construed as a preparation for public (government) school teaching.  Considering the numerous legislation restructuring certification of teachers, (State University teacher preparation, TECAT testing for former certified teachers and administrators, and other changes), we join the other educators in the State in being uncertain of a curriculum that would prepare anyone for the experience of teaching in public (government) school.

The purpose for which our curriculum is designed is to prepare Christian workers and educators for teaching in Christian schools using Bible based curriculum and principles.

Graduate School

A baccalaureate degree from a recognized school is required before a student may be considered for admission in any of the graduate programs of the college.  The course of study supporting the applicant’s baccalaureate degree should be substantially similar to that required of Texas Theological University undergraduates.

If the baccalaureate degree is not similar, the student will be required to take the courses to uphold the undergraduate studies.

Applicants for the Doctoral programs must have successfully completed a master’s degree program in a related field from a recognized seminary, college, or university.  The applicant’s past graduate work is evaluated by the Pastoral Administration to determine the standing of the applicant.

Texas Theological University reserves the right to withhold recognition of credits received at any seminary, college, or university that does not in the opinion of the above noted administration meet reasonable academic standards.

Master Degrees

All Master Degrees will consist of 36 graduate semester hours. Six of these hours constitute the writing of a 15,000 word thesis.  All of the graduate programs are to enhance the effectiveness of the Christian servant in carrying out the commission extended to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.  The master degree programs at Texas Theological University not only provide the student with enhanced subject matter, but also encourage the graduate student to develop writing skills in his respective field.  The graduate student may select a master degree plan in the following fields.

  • Master of Arts in Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education
  • Master of Arts in Missions
  • Master of Arts in Theology

Doctoral Degrees

All Doctoral Degrees will consist of 30 graduate semester hours in addition to a Master’s degree in a related field of study.  Twelve of these hours will constitute the research, writing, and defense of a 25,000 word dissertation.  Texas Theological University recognizes the need for Christian scholarship in publishing.  The Doctoral Candidate should be able to write and publish material that will further the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Doctoral Candidate should be able to teach and be competent and doctrinally reliable in their respective field of study.  The Doctoral Candidate should exhibit the qualities of Christian leadership through their zeal and love for the Word of God.  Doctoral degrees are offered in the following fields of study:

  • Ph.D. in Ministry
  • Ph.D. in Missions
  • Ph.D. in Theology
  • Ph.D. in Christian Education

Doctoral Dissertation

Every candidate for a doctoral degree is required to prepare and present a dissertation that shows complete independent investigation of a subject area and is acceptable in form and content to the Department Head under whose supervision the respective degree area falls.  It is necessary that the work be of publishable quality.  The dissertation should exhibit originality and must be an exhaustive treatment of the scope and subject chosen.  The Doctoral Candidate must present this research in an acceptable and correct grammatical style.  Not only grammatically correct, the material should reflect the reasonably high quality of research and knowledge expected of a Doctoral Candidate.

All Master Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation projects prepared as part of the requirements for a graduate degree automatically become the property of Texas Theological University and should not be published or reproduced without the written consent of the institute.

Degree Plans

Follow the link for your preferred degree plan for specific requirements for that degree.