The next class up for live streaming is Cultural Anthropology, taught by Dr. Bruce Martin. Please join us as he covers how to communicate and reach different cultures and people groups.

Course details:

Cultural Anthropology: This course covers such important topics such as, Importance of Worldviews, Cultural Shock, Cultural Adjustment, Cross-Cultural Relationships and Understanding Cultural Values.

Professor: Dr. Bruce Martin

Dates and Times: 

February 22nd – February 26th, 6pm – 9pm (Part 1 of 2, Wednesday, February 24th TBD)
March 22nd – March 26th, 6pm – 9pm (Part 2 of 2, Wednesday, March 24th TBD)


  • Audit: Free
  • Credit (3 credit hours): $105 plus books

We use an online meeting technology called Zoom to bring the course directly to you, in your home, church building, at the coffee shop or wherever you have internet access.

So what’s next?

Please use the contact form below to let us know you want to get access, and we will get back to you soon.