Please join us as Dr. Bruce Martin takes us through the remaining content, maps and Biblical topography to help you better understand locations, distances, terrain, etc. of the Biblical accounts, characters and their stories.

In addition to online, the course will be available onsite, at the dates and times below, at Metropolitan Baptist Church of Fort Worth, TX.

Course details:

Bible Geography: This course is designed to overview the geography and history of the Old and New Testament so that the student has as better understanding of the people, places and events of the Bible.

***Important: If you have not already… please purchase the Holman Bible Atlas prior to the start of the course.

Here are a couple of options for you:

Professor: Dr. Bruce Martin

Dates: January 6th – January 10th

Times: 6:00pm to 9:00pm Central Time


  • Audit: Free
  • Credit (3 credit hours): $105 plus books

We use an online meeting technology called Zoom to bring the course directly to you, in your home, church building, at the coffee shop or wherever you have internet access.

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